a bitter pill

Definition: A situation or information that is unpleasant but must be accepted.

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  • kiran

    Mathematics was a bitter pill to me.

  • disqus_Z3J1D3SDnT

    pregnancy is a bitter pill but i am sure it will be a blessing in disguise once baby is born.

    • Mukund Chaskar

      Yup. @ least for the first delivery it’s true. Once a woman is experienced and undergoes one pregnancy, may be for second issue it wont be that hard to swallow.

    • Anna

      I am 8 yrs so ya

  • amol

    death is a bitter pill

    • Mukund Chaskar

      You have to accept the fact. (that’s Why), God has given us a only one life. We have to decide How do we live it ?

      • Anna

        I love that comment Mukund Chaskar

  • Anna

    I Think That Life COULD Be A Bitter Pill


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